Exploring the arts

Up to £2,000 for pupils to explore the arts outside the classroom

Supporting and promoting education

Up to £3,000 for educational projects in the south east

STEM projects

Awards of up to £3,000 are given to support STEM through partnerships

Promoting relations with Japan

Small grants for promoting education in Japanese culture, society & acheivements

Funding schools in Northern England

Small grants to fund community projects in schools in the North of England.

Academic and practical education

Small or medium grants helping young people acheive their full potential

Science and gardening projects

Grants for primary schools to promote the teaching of science and gardening

Supporting the Armed Forces

Up to £10,000 to bring the community together and support the Armed Forces

Community & environmental projects

Up to £75,000 for community and environmnetal project in England and Wales

Specialised equipment

Providing specialised equipment to children with disabilities in the North East of England


Equipment and training for schools exploring nature

Learning Mandarin

Funding to help get young people on track to becoming fluent in Mandarin

Community funding

Small grants to benefit local communities

Opportunities for disadvantaged children

Grants of up to £10,00 for projects benefitting disadvantaged young people

Water dispensers

£300 to £3,000 available to fund the installation of water dispensers