YPO is an award-winning supplier with over 30,000 school resources and 80+ procurement frameworks for services such as energy, IT and insurance.

MD Consultants

MD Consultants (UK) Ltd. are specialists in managing academy conversion, governance, procurement and regulatory review services to schools

Vanguard Communications

Providing end-to-end management of a suite of telecoms solutions to the education sector

The Cricket Ground Shop

The Cricket Ground Shop was launched by Total-Play to offer cricket ground essentials, hand-picked for quality and performance

IQ Playgrounds

‘The Clever Way’ to brighten up your school playground with colourful vibrant playground markings


Supplier of award-winning desktop 3D printers and open-source resources, training and support for schools

Action Play & Leisure

Designers, manufactures and installers of playground equipment for schools and nurseries.

Fresh-Air Fitness

Market-leading outdoor gym specialists, providing an innovative and exciting range of fitness equipment for schools.

Recipe for Change

Midday Supervisor training helps improve children’s behaviour and concentration by creating a better lunchtime experience

Fundraising Stamps

Fundraising Stamps is one of the UK's largest stamp recyclers. We buy recycled stamps from charities and school PTA’s like yours.


Tagtiv8 games help develop confidence in phonics, spelling and maths, while making learning active, relevant and fun


Timber outdoor structures designed to accomodate a full class of pupils

Project Playgrounds

Stimulate playground activity and educational play with a wide range of standard and bespoke playground markings

Living Streets

Living Street's Walk one a Week programme encourages families to walk to school, while tackling obesity, congestion, pollution and road incidents

Bug Storeys

Bug Storeys is a living, breathing biology lesson which includes lesson plans, activities and project work to meet the National Curriculum.