About our partners


YPO is the UK’s largest publicly publicly-owned buying organisation. Since 1974, YPO has worked tirelessly to help its public sector customers make use of their ever-tightening budgets. YPO work with schools, local authorities and other public bodies to help them achieve best value for money when procuring goods and services, by aggregating the procurement spend of its customers to help drive efficiency savings for supplies and contract services.

YPO offers over 30,000 products, including office and classroom equipment and essential school resources. The organisation also manages over 80 different frameworks to support schools with the procurement of vital services, such as energy, insurance and building maintenance. By using a YPO framework, schools can be confident that suppliers have already undergone a thorough tender process to ensure value and legal compliance.

The public ownership of YPO means that all profits are returned to customers and member authorities. This delivers added value to customers, enabling funds to be invested where they are most needed – at the frontline of education and public services. In 2015, thousands of schools across the country benefitted, with £2m shared amongst customers through the unique Share of Profits Loyalty Scheme. The largest amount to be given back to a single school was in excess of £7,400.

YPO is wholly dedicated to supporting schools at a time when they are working in a difficult economic climate, yet being encouraged to improve productivity and maximise expenditure in order to improve young people’s education. That is why YPO is delighted to work with Community Inspired to launch the FundEd initiative.

With schools facing real-term reductions in spending per pupil for the first time since the 1990s, it is increasingly important for schools to look for alternative means of funding to ensure they can maintain and improve educational standards.

Paul Smith, Executive Director at YPO, said: 'We work closely with schools on a daily basis and we know only too well the financial challenges that the majority of schools are now facing. The FundEd programme will give schools access to important funds by helping them build relationships with local businesses and philanthropists and by providing advice on grants.'

YPO’s sponsorship of FundEd is rooted in its desire to help schools nationwide gain access to important funds which they can use to enhance their curricula, teaching standards, and school environments, in an effective and sustainable manner.

For more information, go to ypo.co.uk.

The Education Company

The Education Company was founded by David Edwards and Jason Gould in 1988 as a consultancy helping large companies run competitions in schools. Incorporating as a Limited company in 1991 EdCo has been using data to help education suppliers market and sell effectively into schools and colleges ever since. EdCo is committed to using data intelligently to help organisations achieve their business goals. Where once they specialised in direct mail, they now focus on intelligent data-driven digital solutions.

David Edwards, Director at The Education Company, said: ‘The Education Company is delighted to be working with Community Inspired on the FundEd. Schools are hardened fundraisers but the ever-increasing pressure on PTAs to help fill gaps in school budgets requires innovative support. With EdCo’s 25 years’ experience of working with suppliers, charities and other organisations, we immediately recognised that FundEd is an absolutely vital, practical and dynamic offering for schools.

Community Inspired is taking the art of fundraising in education to another level, and we simply wanted to be a part of that exciting journey. CrowdFundEd is a particularly thrilling element - providing schools with a custom-built crowdfunding module is such a clever concept. Schools will be able, with the greatest of ease, to set up fundraising projects and it has so many other day-to-day uses as well.


For more information, go to educationcompany.co.uk.